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What is Daily Fit Log? is a FREE, web-based K-12 Health and Physical Education platform that improves personal fitness and promotes lifetime health & wellness through the adoption of a physically active lifestyle.

Serving the needs of educators throughout the country, our program creates an engaging environment for students to track their health and physical activity. Using our educational technology, students will record physical activity, enter health data, track fitness testing scores, set goals, and create personal fitness plans, thus educating students on how to achieve and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

Unlike other programs, DFL does not just store data. Our assessment guide leads physical educators through a process that promotes important health and fitness skills necessary for lifetime fitness. As students enter data, it becomes available to teachers in real time, allowing for easy assessment of activity levels and fitness testing improvement. All health and fitness data, including steps, fitness testing scores, and physical activity time can be exported into meaningful reports - providing evidence of student improvement to parents, teachers, and administrators in your school district.

Daily Fit Log not only allows educators to validate their Health & PE program, but provides an easy way to meet state and national physical education standards while promoting key lifetime fitness concepts to students.


Daily Fit Log is designed to increase the health and wellness of students through daily logging of their physical activity. By integrating this fitness technology into your school, we look to enhance students' fitness experiences and create more accountable lifetime consumers of physical activity.

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