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Daily Fit Log's key asset is its flexibility in use. Located below are just a few of the instructional goals Daily Fit Log can help your school achieve.

Track Health Data to Assess One's Health and Wellness

Daily Fit Log enables students to record and track their health data over any time period. Students can do the following:

  • Track % body fat, resting heart rate, height, weight and BMI (BMI is automatically calculated based off a student's height and weight entries) over any time period.
  • Compare data to healthy recommendations for each student's age group.
  • Create a personal fitness plan to improve health data and track progress.

Creating Personal Fitness Plans

It eliminates the time consuming process of having students manually creating personal fitness plans. Simply instruct your students to:

  • Log their physical activity across any time frame.
  • Perform fitness tests and log their fitness testing scores using DFL's "Fitness Testing" category.
  • Assess their current levels of physical activity and fitness testing scores using DFL's charting features.
  • Set personal fitness goals to improve.
  • Monitor progress towards reaching their goals, as well as changes in health data as they relate to improved fitness levels.

Students Application of Key Instructional Ideas from Class

Assessment drives your instruction as a teacher and by incorporating Daily Fit Log into your Health & PE program, it allows you to easily assess your students' knowledge of physical activity concepts. You will be able to see if students can apply concepts from class to their personal physical activity such as:

  • Changes to the body during and after physical activity by using the Fit Log's notes field as a reflection tool.
  • Participating in physical activity by fitness category and or intensity.
  • Applying the FITT principle to physical activity outside of school.
  • Physical activity preferences and how they relate to lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Strategic goal setting to improve health and fitness.

Promote Physical Activity Outside of the Gymnasium

Through the use of Daily Fit Log you can extend the reach of your program beyond the school day by:

  • Assigning homework that incorporates logging physical activity and health data.
  • Having students track minutes spent physically active each day. Compare activity time to the recommended 60 minutes a day of physical activity.
  • Having students track their daily steps and steps recorded during PE class.